Prizes, Awards and Conferences



British Ecological Society Annual Meeting at Edinburgh, UK, December: poster presentation. Title: “Managing Amazonian logging to minimize biodiversity loss through the study of butterflies”. Finalist.

British Entomological and Natural History Society Exhibition Ÿ London, 14th November. Ÿ Presented poster titled “Butterflies and logging: an unexplored relationship” Ÿ

For a three month long field season at the Brazilian Amazon that would yield the data for my Masters in Research I applied for ten different funding sources and was awarded the following:

The Explorers Club Youth Activity Fund ($2000) Ÿ – covered field assistants’ stipends and some equipment

The Righ Fellowship, University of Sheffield (£2000) Ÿ – covered living costs and 40kg of banana bait per week

The Professor Hering Memorial Fund, British Entomological and Natural History Society (£680) Ÿ – covered most of the 30 butterfly traps acquired

Scurfield Memorial Bursary, University of Sheffield (£600) Ÿ – covered equipment like GPS, nets etc.

The Laverick-Webster-Hewitt Travelling Fellowship (£450) Ÿ- covered half of my travel costs



British Ecological Society Annual Meeting at Lille, France: presented a poster on the “Multitrophic effects of stick insect camouflage maladaptation”

Level 1 Alumni Prize, University of Sheffield, APS department (£ 1000)- Taxonomic revision of the genus Mesenopsis (Lepidoptera) at the Natural History Museum of London.