Research Interests

I have always been interested in understanding the hierarchy of life and the complex interactions between organisms. My broad research interests can be divided into three  areas:

gabby_nhm1) Butterflies. At the age of 17 I volunteered at the Natural History Museum of London in the Lepidoptera collections. Dr Blanca Huertas, senior butterfly curator,  gave me the opportunity to continue butterfly taxonomy research and return to the NHM several summers. In 2014, I started the taxonomic revision of a Neotropical butterfly genus from the Family Riodinidae and we expect to publish before the end of 2015. We have also used a novel technique to study characters of this rare genus, fluorescence microscopy, and we will publish the protocol as the results are exceptional.

2) Eco-evolutionary dynamics. I am interested in the the effects of ongoing evolution on community ecology. I have collaborated with Dr Timothy Farkas, at the Nosil Lab, studying the effects of Gabby_pacific_gopher_snakethe evolution of Timema cristinae camouflage on the coexisting arthropod community and the cascading trophic effects on plants. We also carried out field experiments to test the effects of density-dependent selection on camouflage, and I co-authored the resulting paper published in Biology Letters. HERE

3) Tropical ecology and conservation. In the summer of 2015, I spent three months in a logging concession at Rondonia (Brazil) to investigate the effects of different logging techniques, land-sparing vs. land-sparing, on the diversity and abundance of butterflies. The outcomes of this project will be used by the logging company AMATA Brasil to minimize their impact on Amazon biodiversity. Supervised by Dr David Edwards. Funded by: The Explorers Club Youth Activity Fund, The Professor Hering Memorial Award (BENHS), The Scurfield Bursary (University of Sheffield) and the Laverick-Webster-Hewitt Travelling Fellowship (University of Sheffield).

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Farkas TE & Montejo-Kovacevich G (2014) Density-dependent selection closes an eco-evolutionary feedback loop in the stick insect Timema cristinae. Biology Letters 10: 20140896

Montejo-Kovacevich G (2015) Butterflies and logging: an unexplored relationship. British Entomological and Natural History Journal (in press, December 2015) PDF

Montejo-Kovacevich G & Huertas B (2015) Taxonomic revision of Mesenopsis (Family:Riodinidae) and a new subspecies from Brazil. (in prep)